Hello Fall

There is something about the changing of the seasons that I just love. It's like the next little adventure is starting and each season brings something fun and exciting. And let's face it, who doesn't like an excuse to buy new clothes for whatever season we are coming into, but fall is by far the best! The cozy sweaters, boots & blanket scarves. It's everything I love about fashion all wrapped up into one perfect season. Where the mornings are cool and crisp and the afternoons are sunny and beautiful. So here we go, my top 3 favorite items for fall & my top 3 places to wear them... let the leaves keep falling & let's go on an adventure! Fall Fashion Must Haves... 1. A teddy bear jacket. Lite

Letting Go (but just a little bit)

My baby started preschool. And I know a lot of parents are super excited about this time of year. For the first day back at school (or in our case, the VERY first day of school). For their kids to be out of the house and Mom (or Dad) to have some sort of freedom back again. But I wasn't quite ready for it. And although I know many parents are doing little happy dances down the hallways, I also know I'm not alone when I say my heart kept breaking every time I thought of sending my little guy into that classroom without me. Maybe because he's my only one. Maybe because it's the first time in his life that I'm not working and I get to be home with him everyday and I wasn't ready to give up a s

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