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Let's go. 2022.

We've been easing into January a little slower than we normally would, but a few weeks in and I finally feel like we’re ready to get going! Maybe it was the burnout from the seemingly never ending pandemic we’re currently in, or maybe we just needed a few extra weeks after the chaos of the holidays?!?? Whatever the reason, we’ve started the year slowly, and truthfully, I’m not mad about it. It’s been exactly what we’ve needed to start this year off.

I’m not one to make any huge new year resolutions, but I love that January presents itself as the perfect way to reset. To remind ourselves what’s important. To focus on the good and cultivate a way to bring more of that into your life. Whether it’s about your health and wellness, job aspirations, or any life goals (big or small), January just feels like the right time to START.

This year we are focusing on the simple things… being happy and healthy. Finding joy in the little things. Working hard to keep our bodies and minds in their best shape. Nothing complicated. Just enjoying life for what it is… calm & chaotic, messy & beautiful. As the days inevitably start getting busier again, I’ve committed to these few daily reminders:

  • Drink more water.

  • Move our bodies.

  • Eat well.

  • Get outside.

  • Breathe.

  • Smile.

Simple, yet so important. Read below for a couple of ways I plan on making these reminders actual habits this year…

Parker and I are doing the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge … and although we’re off to a mediocre start (mostly due to ice, snow & a few atmospheric rain storms!), I’m confident we’ll be able to complete the challenge! Not only does research show that playing outside has super important development and health benefits for children, but just being outside and breathing in some fresh air every day has be been proven to strengthen your immune system, make you happier and give you more energy ... at any age!

Eating healthy is always a priority in our home, but the busier we get, the harder that can become. Meal planning and prepping is a must, but what’s the best plan for when you need to eat on the run? Or for school lunches and snacks? Our go-to is precut fruits and veggies, and for Parker, I always pack a Welo probiotic bar. Whether he’s at his forest school class, or on his way to one of his many activities (swimming, soccer, gymnastics!), I know it’s a snack that fuels his body and is safe to eat around any of his friends! Welo bars are plant based, packed with a daily source of probiotics & prebiotics, corn, soy, nut and dairy free … and completely school safe! Less sugar & way more yum! Bonus, they come in a bunch of great flavours & Parker loves them, so I always know his snack bag will come home empty! #momwin You can find them at

I’ve also committed myself to a 5 day workout program, for at least the next three months … one that is already completely kicking my butt! But I've actually been loving it so far and I’m hoping I can stick with it and keep it going all year. Wish me luck!!! (I’ll most definitely need it!).

So there you have it. Just making some slow, but steady changes to keep our bodies and minds healthy as we head into another year. I truly believe that sometimes it’s the littlest things in life that really have the biggest impact. Cheers (with my jug of water in hand!) to a happy and healthy 2022. Whatever your goals, dreams or intentions are for this year, I hope you make it happen! You got this. xx

Although all thoughts and ideas are my own, this post was graciously fueled by Welo.


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