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Fallin' for Cozy

How has September already come and gone?! The start of fall always feels so chaotic and overwhelming. Back-to-school, back to routine, and if you live in Vancouver, it also means back to the rain! So between the busy schedules and the often ugly weather, I know my spirit always needs a bit of a boost this time of year! Do you feel that way too?

Here’s a few of my favourite ways I like to re-energize, brighten my mood, de-stress, wind down and cozy in to the crispness of fall.

Morning yoga and affirmations…. I always find this is the best way to start my day. And on those cold fall mornings, I always start in my Lazy Pants sweat suit to keep that chilly feeling away when I first get up!

Get organized! Having a schedule that you can stick to always make life run more smoothly. I plan it all out… workouts, food prep, activities, school, work & play! The more organized we are the better each week seems to go for us.

A warm cup of coffee is always a good idea and gives me the energy to keep up with our busy schedule. Just make sure you get some time to actually drink it before it gets cold. That’s easier said than done when you are a busy mom though! I’m pretty sure we all know the recipe for iced coffee!!!

Go apple picking!

Bake something yummy. And don’t regret eating it. Balance is everything.

Get lost in a juicy book or a show. Take a break and enjoy some quiet time with a good book… or binge watch your fave show on Netflix. Time relaxing is never a waste. It’s good for your soul and much needed this time of year.

Keep your body moving! Even if it’s just a walk in the leaves.

Drink lots of water.

Always give your self some grace when things don’t go quite like you’d want them too.

And last, but certainly not least, when things get tough, I throw on my fave sweats from Lazy Pants and call it a day! If you haven’t tried them, they are a staple in our house. Parker and I always love putting on our coziest sweats to snuggle in for a movie night (or afternoon!) together. Nothing says “fall is here”quite like a rainy day snuggled on your couch.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog! I hope you can use some of my suggestions to make the transition from summer to fall just a bit easier. Feel free to use the code, AMY25 to save on your own pair of LazyPants sweats and get ready to enjoy NEXT LEVEL COMFORT!!! Trust me, you’ll be as obsessed with them as we are in our family!

It's time to Fall into COZY!


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