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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things... Holiday Gift Guide 2020.

I’m so excited to share with you my Holiday Gift Guide for 2020. These gift ideas are meaningful, sustainable products that our family already uses and loves. I hope sharing some of our favourite things with you will inspire some of your gift giving this season!

Saje: We are huge lovers of essential oils in our house and Saje has always been my favourite when it comes to diffusers. The wellness essential gift set comes with a beautiful ultrasonic diffuser, a 5ml diffuser blend and a remedy roll on. I’ve used the Peppermint Halo Roll On for years and it’s amazing for easing away some of my worst headaches. Kinda an essential for any busy mama if you ask me?! Essential oils are used every day in our house, to purify the air, to calm our bodies and help relive stress, to boost our immune systems and to reduce dust, pet dander & other airborne allergens. They purify & humidify while infusing the air with the healing power of plants.

HelloBody: Fresh face, fresh start. HelloBody, a beauty and skincare company born in Germany, recently became a new fave for me & there is no turning back! I use the Coco Melt Make Up Remover at the end of each day and then wash with the Coco Fresh Face Foam. The Cara Look Illuminating Eye Cream feels like a dream. Day & night I use the Rose Velvet Balancing Fluid and it feels so amazing on my skin. Their products are are 98% natural and are never tested on animals. This is definitely a beauty line you can feel great about!

Nixit: Period care. Made simple. Not something that I talk about very often, but this product is a game changer. Nixit is a suction-free, reusable, BPA-free menstrual cup that fits your body. It’s provides 12-hour protection, full coverage day & night & holds up to 4 tampons-worth (70 mL). You can save hundreds of dollars annually with a cup that lasts up to 5 years & comfortably wear it for any activity. The suction-free cup stays in naturally & is easily removed without any mess. It’s soft, flexible and made with 100% medical grade BPA-free silicone and most importantly, free of chemicals and toxins! After nearly losing my own mom years ago to TSS, keeping toxins out of our body has always been a top priority. Definitely a different kind of gift, but so worth a try.

Guidepost Montessori: When we made the decision this September to homeschool Parker, I was overwhelmed to say the least! It’s taken me a few months, but I finally feel like we are really in the swing of it all. I know what works for us (and what doesn’t!) and we’ve been loving the process. Adding online classes to our curriculum has been a great help for us. Guidepost Montessori offers online Montessori based lessons & the unique thing about their program is that children get Montessori based learning materials every month in the mail. This is a huge help and a total life saver for any parent overwhelmed with organizing materials and lessons for their kids. We’ve been loving this program and I know you will too!

Rookie Humans: We recently did a little revamp in Parker’s room and he was so excited for it! It’s amazing how some new bedding and a few wall decals can do to shake up a room! Rookie Humans has the most adorable bedding (from crib sheets to full sized beds) & gorgeous wall decals to complete the look in any kids room! Their adorable sheets are made from 100% cotton sateen and feel like a dream!

I hope this gift guide helps gives you some ideas for the people you love the most. Happy shopping & happy giving... have a wonderful holiday season full of joy and love.


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